And Never Shall They Meet

I share Bil Herron’s consternation at not making the cut for the latest local-media dip into the blogosphere. Unfortunately, neither Anchor Rising nor Dust in the Light nor The Ocean State Blogger has Bil’s obvious reasons to blame. No, in our case, it’s not a lack of effort; it’s just us — the price of being counterculturalists.
The only three blogs that Jen Senecal mentioned in her Providence Monthly piece were Providence Journal blogger Sheila Lennon (of course), woneffe (“a mix of urbanism, politics, and gay issues in and around Rhode Island, along with some wonderful photographs”), and The PRESSblog (“a source for marketing news, ideas, and ad reviews, all focused on the Rhode Island marketing scene”). With the exception of PRESSblog, which appears to be politically neutral, the common theme of all the others (including those to which woneffe links to “spread the wealth”) is easy to spot.
Oh well. I suppose it’s best, when working for change, not to be too cozy with the keepers of the status quo. Being a good sport, though, I will offer one bit of advice to the folks at Providence Monthly. If you’re going to make some of your content available online, putting up the piece about things that are… online might be a good idea. I’m sure the folks at PRESSblog would agree.

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19 years ago

You’re darn right I agree! It’s amazing how far behind the times every non-projo outlet is here in Rhode Island. I’m amazed that these pubs aren’t posting everything they publish, even if they just put it into a blog format without images. I’ve tried to convince a couple of journalist-types I know that they really need to get Internet-savvy now, if only for selfish career reasons.
By the way, I try not to let political bias get in the way of what I’m writing on the PRESSblog (many marketers are quite liberal), but I’m most definitely on the right side of the spectrum. So the article was at least not entirely a liberal whitewash.

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