By the Way (A Political Angle)

I had been thinking about a Robert Whitcomb column earlier, and it could not have been more timely. Writes Whitcomb:

The terminology has been successful in cutting taxes for the wealthy and reducing programs that particularly assist the middle and lower classes. More generally, it makes Americans forget that the socio-economic walls are getting higher. Meanwhile, although traditional GOP views have included (to me admirably) balancing the budget, the budget deficits swell and areas of government grow like Topsy (in part, of course, because of 9/11), but the “conservative, small-government” Republicans don’t seem particularly self-conscious about that. They can change the subject to, say, gay marriage.

However much the bulk of that paragraph might raise questions worthy of consideration, the closing sentence betrays a bias that undermines all the rest. The Republicans (much less conservatives) are not the ones pushing the subject of same-sex marriage into the light. Moreover, one cannot fault them for seeking to write something explicitly into law when judges seem inclined to leverage the lack of such explicitness in order to codify the opposite policy.
As for whether conservatives are “self-conscious” of the Republicans’ abandonment our other priorities, I’d suggest that Mr. Whitcomb keep his eyes open during elections to come.

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17 years ago

Maybe conservative Republicans have been smart enough this year to avoid going to the well once too often with gay marriage – with a federal regulation in place and many states putting it in their constitutions over the past two elections, what more do they have left to take away? People in Ohio who voted for Bush just because of the gay marriage issue are shaking their heads at the direction this country’s gone in the past two years.
Gay marriage is truly the third rail of Rhode Island politics. If Carcieri, with the aid of Democrats Murphy and Montalbano, tried to muscle a constitutional amendment through (or gay marriage supporters pushed harder for a bill to legalize it), the political shitstorm would make the fight over the casino look like a Tupperware party.

Joe Mahn
Joe Mahn
17 years ago

I think the term “Gay Marriage” is just another facet of the plan and propaganda of the homosexual agenda. In fact the homosexual political machine is delighted that this debate is taking place on turf they have prepared in advance.
J Mahn

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