Abortion Failed, Woman Keeps Kid and Sues for “Child-rearing costs”

Talk about cognitive dissonance. That’s about all I can say (via NRO) about this story:

A Boston woman who gave birth after a failed abortion has filed a lawsuit against two doctors and Planned Parenthood seeking the costs of raising her child.
he complaint was filed by Jennifer Raper, 45, last week in Suffolk Superior Court and still must be screened by a special panel before it can proceed to trial.
Raper claimed in the three-page medical malpractice suit that she found out she was pregnant in March 2004 and decided to have an abortion for financial reasons.
Dr. Allison Bryant, a physician working for Planned Parenthood at the time, performed the procedure on April 9, 2004, but it “was not done properly, causing the plaintiff to remain pregnant,” according to the complaint.
Raper then went to see Dr. Benjamin Eleonu at Boston Medical Center in July 2004, and he failed to detect the pregnancy even though she was 20 weeks pregnant at the time, the lawsuit alleges.
It was only when Raper went to the New England Medical Center emergency room for treatment of pelvic pain in late September that year that she found out she was pregnant, the suit said.
She gave birth to a daughter on Dec. 7, 2004.
She is seeking damages, including child-rearing costs.

Why did she keep this previously unwanted child?

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17 years ago

Put the kid up for adoption. Problem solved. Next case.

17 years ago

I agree the child rearing costs is ludicris but there still would be damages related to the failed medical procedure IF there was negligence.

17 years ago

Gee, yet another problem the result of people treating kids as commodities…

Justin Katz
17 years ago

Her name is “Raper”? Huh.

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