A Whitecastle on the Hill

Given some recent upgrades in my technology, I thought I’d make a practice of taking pictures as I wander about the state and uploading them, with commentary as appropriate — all at the speed of blog! So herewith, Sheldon Whitehouse’s understated summer cottage, which I put in (my own) political context back before the election:


No doubt this is where the senator will commune with all of his important constituents.

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Tom W
Tom W
17 years ago

Next, how about a photo of Patrick “Speed Bump” Kennedy’s place in Portsmouth.
I hear that it’s really really nice digs for someone who never worked a f****** day in their life!

17 years ago

Hopefully, Shel’s a little further back from the water than the Chafee manse and won’t have to find out if his beach pad is portable.

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