Shame on You, Sen. Reed

Yesterday the Senate passed a resolution condemning the disgraceful “General Betray-Us” ad in the NY Times sponsored by the despicable The resolution reads:

To express the sense of the Senate that General David H. Petraeus, Commanding General, Multi-National Force-Iraq, deserves the full support of the Senate and strongly condemn personal attacks on the honor and integrity of General Petraeus and all members of the United States Armed Forces.

The resolution passed 72-25. The “no” votes were all Democrats, including both Reed and Whitehouse. I expected as much from Whitehouse, a lightweight on military and defense affairs if there ever was one. But why in the world would a West Point graduate like Reed who touts his military service take the side of an odious nest of vipers like over his fellow soldiers? Jim Webb may oppose the war but he had the decency to vote in favor of the condemnation of But Jim Webb is an honorable man. Would that Reed had an ounce of Jim’s spine. Reed on the other hand puts me in mind of Churchill’s “Boneless Wonder.”

The US taxpayers wasted a great deal of money on Reed’s West Point education. They ought to demand a refund. Say, I have an idea. Why doesn’t reimburse the American taxpayers for that education? After all, if is going to buy a US Senator it should be expected to pay full price.

Am I angry? You bet I am. Reed has dishonored himself and his state. Shame on you, Senator Reed. What a disgrace!

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16 years ago

Jack Reed, despite his West Point credentials, is a liberal weanie. He is weak on immigration and can’t surrender to this war on terror fast enough. I am embarrassed to be represented by him.

16 years ago is disgraceful.
Any United States Senator who cannot stand up to . . . equally disgraceful.
But . . . doesn’t the US Senate have anything better to do than to spend its time passing nonbinding resolutions that condemn newspaper ads taken out by shameful organizations?
Maybe not.

16 years ago

With his reading of the generic anti-war response he was handed after the President’s post-Petraeus speech and with this vote, in just 2 weeks, Senator Reed has undone all the work he’s put in over the last few years trying to become the face of a responsible Democrat party on national security. I hope he thinks the payoff (that would be none) was worth it.
And here’s one more for ya… Barack Obama — who was present at Senate votes taken at 11:58 am and 2:54 pm – did not vote on the MoveOn resolution (vote taken at 12:36 pm). He won’t stand up to MoveOn, but he wants us to believe he’s be capable of standing up to America’s adversaries as President?

16 years ago

It’s nice to know that our senators believe venting their spleen over a newspaper ad is more important than the safety of our citizen-soldiers or extricating ourselves from this quagmire in Iraq.
I am not a member (I’m on their mailing list because I’ve signed a couple of their online petitions in the past), but I just e-mailed my agreement with their statement that the Senate just told millions of Americans to sit dowen and shut up without lifting a finger to solve our nation’s real problems. Liberal or conservative, Americans don’t like to be told to shut up by those in power.
Let Fox News snitch to my employer LOL.

16 years ago

I agree that that any time spent on non-binding resolutions or condemnations are a waste of time. But that isn’t your position at all. Your position is that this specific condemnation is waste of time that should be spent on solving our nation’s real problems. Spare me. As opposed to the time spent on passing non-binding legislation or any legislation with the knowledge that it won’t pass for the purpose of ‘sending a message”.
So that means a single or group of Americans can say anything in public and you’d be against a resolution condemning it on the basis of “Americans don’t like to be told to shut up by those in power”. It’s not about the content, it’s about the right to speak their mind, right? I’ll have to remember you said that in the future. As your view on this transcends the ideological differences between liberal and conservative.
Again, is taking the high road and you are right there with them.

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