Let’s Keep Everything Important Under Wraps

If I had the authority — as an audience member — I’d move to end executive sessions at these town council meetings.
The council is running through a list of appointments and pretty much rubber stamping applicants (who are far outnumbered by openings, it seems), and the discussion over a town planning–related position became somewhat contentious. The planning committee did not recommend the person who was supposed to transition into it. The guy who is supposed to be transitioning out of it into a more important position has (as I understand) been too busy to do so thoroughly (or something). As soon as the relevant parties from the audience began to approach the microphone, Council President Louise Durfee suggested that “if the discussion is going to get to this level” it ought to be moved into an executive session.
Am I exhibiting my naivété in finding it disconcerting that all important discussions seem to happen behind closed doors?

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