Wary of the News from Russia

I hate to say it, but I’ll be looking for Garry Kasparov to have a horrible chess accident during the next few months:

The former world chess champion Garry Kasparov entered Russia’s presidential race on Sunday, elected overwhelmingly as the candidate for the country’s beleagured opposition coalition.
Kasparov has been a driving force behind the coalition, which has united liberals, leftists and nationalists in opposition to President Vladimir Putin. He received 379 of 498 votes at a national congress held in Moscow by the Other Russia coalition, coalition spokeswoman Lyudmila Mamina told The Associated Press.

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16 years ago

It doesn’t send a very good message when Bush is bashing Chavez but invites Putin out on his boat. Putin should be drawing the chest-thumping rhetoric the little weasel in Venezuela usually gets.

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