Presumptive Contempt

We are never going to compete with folks, with employers who are so ridiculous they do not provide retirement security plans for their employees….If they don’t, they are terrible people and they shouldn’t be allowed to exist and that’s always going to be the union position on those issues.” ~ Bob Walsh
I wonder if [Helen Glover] knows, or if the Governor knows, how much we taxpayers give corporations to insure their workers since they are too cheap to do it themselves. ~ Pat Crowley

Taken together, the statements by both Walsh and Crowley illustrate two things: 1) Their fundamental presumption that all employers owe their full-, part-, and temporary employees not just a salary, but also a defined benefit pension and full health-care coverage; 2) Their contempt (and ignorance) of the realities of private sector business. Of course, implicit in these charges is the notion that “if only all employees were unionized, it would all be better….” Well, until reality (and the free market) interrupted the good life in Labortopia.

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16 years ago

Not to worry. If Rhode Island keeps making it hard for business and better for Union Controlled policies and bought and paid for politicians, there WON’T BE any business left to exist in the State.
Folks wonder why business won’t come here to open up shop with this cluess putz saying such stupid things.

16 years ago

Well, Bob, how about an employer sponsored 401K? Minimal waiting period for participation, 20% per year vesting on employer contributions (loyalty and retention matter), fully and immediately portable and its directed by the employee (trust no one more than yourself).

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