What Harm Could Four Years Do?

Cliff May has a point:

This year’s election will be unusually consequential. In 2006, Democrats regained control of both houses of Congress. Democrats also now hold a majority of governors’ mansions and state legislatures. The left long has been regnant on America’s campuses, in the mainstream news media, in the entertainment industry, and in the unions.
A Clinton or Obama victory would put all levers of power into the same hands. What would Democratic -party bosses do with that? How about statehood for Washington, D.C., which would provide two new Democratic votes in the Senate? How about appointing judges who regard the Constitution as clay, and using immigration policy to expand the Left’s electoral margins? These and other creative maneuvers could create an anti-conservative majority that would last a generation or more.
Most worrisome of all: Americans today are engaged in a conflict as serious as any we have ever fought. Romney and McCain get that. Perhaps Hillary Clinton does, too, though you wouldn’t know it from anything she’s said recently. But does Barack Obama? Or does he think it’s all a big misunderstanding, one that can be resolved through talk, appeasement, global anti-poverty programs and a sincere effort to make ourselves inoffensive to those sworn to destroy us?
Thinking hard about such questions over the months ahead would be not just alright; it would be commendable — and conservative.

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16 years ago

All of these same things could occur under a McCain presidency as he seeks to appease those ‘across the aisle’.

16 years ago

McCain was the only candidate to hang tough on Iraq while other candidates, both Democrat and Republican, were jumping ship. It wasn’t that long ago that everyone in the country was criticizing McCain for declaring that the Surge was working. Remember the reaction to his 60 Minutes interview?
If there is one candidate less likely to “appease” those who are trying to destroy us, it’s McCain.

16 years ago

Sure, sure. McCain loves a good war. But while he’s halfway across the world securing Democracy he’s got the border doors wide open letting every TB patient, child rapist and gang member from the third world in, giving them a driver’s license and welfare and an American flag.

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