Transformation Complete: Yankees Become Red Sox of Old

OK, so a Sox-loving NYer buries a Big Papi shirt in the new Yankee Stadium concrete and fess’s up. The NY Post’s description of what happened is priceless, especially how new Yanks Boss Hank Steinbrenner “doesn’t care”…..

But it was the betrayal of his borough that elicited Bronx cheers from many Yankee fans – including the new Boss, Hank Steinbrenner.
“I hope his coworkers kick the s- – – out of him,” said George’s boy, who now runs the team with his brother Hal.
Hank put no stock in talk of curses or in Castignoli’s cruel bid to hex the Yankees’ new $1.3 billion home.
A buried jersey, he reassured worried fans, means nothing.
“It’s a bunch of bull- – – -,” Hank said.
But Castignoli scoffed at the top Yankee honcho’s ready dismissal.
“So, then, why is he making such a big stink about it?” asked the would-be hexer. “If it’s no big deal, why not let it lay? Apparently, it’s bothering him.
“Tell Hank he can come meet me if he wants to try – and tell him to bring [catcher Jorge] Posada, because he’s the one Yankee I can’t stand.”
Meanwhile, Yankee fans attending last night’s game at Boston’s Fenway Park cheered the find.
“Dig it up, and get it out of there,” said Norberto Diaz, 35. “They should give the next guy $156 an hour to dig it up.”

Yes, Steinbrenner didn’t care to the extent that he had a few guys employ a jackhammer on 3 feet of concrete to remove the jersey. Whose afraid of a “curse” now?

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16 years ago

Actually with their $200 million payroll, highest ticket and parking prices in the league and easily the most putrid, abusive and arrogant fans in the league, it is the “poor little rich sox” who have, never beaten the Yankees, joined them instead.

16 years ago

Hank Steinbrenner is just Classy Freddie Blassie, without the unique fashion sense (or the class).

16 years ago

I cheer the hex attempt. I boo the fact that he did it in full view of his coworkers, made sure he told them about it, then gave an interview to the NY Post.
Better to let it slow leak out over years to become lore, like the piano in the lake and whatnot.
A hundred years from now Yankee fans would be whispering to each other as they sat in the stadium watching their first live game, “Y’know… I heard some $#%@in Red Sox fan buried one ‘a their @#$%in jerzies in heah like, a long @#$%in time ago. Wonder if that’s why we @#$%in suck all the @#$in time.”
Instead, the idiot did it solely for 15 minutes of fame, and embarrassed RSN in the process.

16 years ago

EMT- your comments are so right on the money. Unfortunately, in the self promoting narcissistic culture in which we live, this gavone just couldn’t keep his yap shut. Imagine the wailing and gnashing of yankee fandom if this stunt had been kept quiet until the new stadium was open, and then slowly leaked out. This is the biggest blown opportunity since Bush ’41 and Powell wouldn’t let Schwarzkopf roll into Baghdad in 1991.

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