Evil Coming Together

Two items on today’s reading list have a disturbing link. First the tale of the Internet as a pimping tool for under-18 prostitutes:

Well-known as a free online community bulletin board, craigslist has gained the dubious distinction of being a popular site for pimps to market young girls to customers, or “johns.”
The young prostitutes often are disguised behind photos advertising older women, Seyffert says, and almost always claim to be at least 18.
It is difficult to estimate just how many children are being pimped out, either locally or nationally. In 2003, the FBI reported about 1,400 juveniles were arrested nationally for prostitution.
Most believe the problem is much larger than that number suggests. Estimates vary wildly and are considered, by law enforcement and other experts, to be based on shaky methodology. …
Frequently, the detectives say, pimps pass girls along a multicity circuit; their ads go up in Oakland one week, then Sacramento, then Reno. The unit has recovered girls shipped to Sacramento from Minnesota, Texas, Wisconsin and Montana.

The girls are often runaways, often having been raped and otherwise abused at young ages. And perverts can find them as easily as they can find a second-hand lamp. What happens when we superimpose this demographic assessment from Mark Steyn?

Sex-selective abortion is a fact of life in India, where the gender ratio has declined to 1,000 boys to 900 girls nationally, and as low as 1,000 boys to 300 girls in some Punjabi cities. In China, the state-enforced “one child” policy has brought about the most gender-distorted demographic cohort in global history, the so-called guang gun — “bare branches.” If you can only have one kid, parents choose to abort girls and wait for a boy, to the point where in the first generation to grow to adulthood under this policy there are 119 boys for every 100 girls. In practice, a “woman’s right to choose” turns out to mean the right to choose not to have any women. …
By midcentury, when today’s millions of surplus boys will be entering middle age, India and China are expected to account for a combined 50 percent of global GDP. On present trends, they will be the most male-heavy societies that have ever existed. As I wrote in my book America Alone, unless China’s planning on becoming the first gay superpower since Sparta, what’s going to happen to all those excess men? As a general rule, large numbers of excitable lads who can’t get any action are not a recipe for societal stability. Unless the Japanese have invented amazingly lifelike sex robots by then (think Austin Powers’s “fembots”), we’re likely to be in a planet-wide rape epidemic and a world of globalized industrial-scale sex slavery. And what of the Western world? Canada and Europe are in steep demographic decline and dependent on immigration to sustain their populations. And — as those Anglo-Welsh statistics suggest — many of the available immigrants are already from male-dominated cultures and will eventually be male-dominated numbers-wise, too: circa 2020, the personal ads in the Shanghai classifieds seeking SWF with good sense of humor will be defining “must live locally” as any zipcode this side of Mars.

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16 years ago

And speaking of Mark Steyn, his trial in Canada for uttering “hate speech” (that others might call “speaking the truth”) begins today.

16 years ago

As a libertarian, I think the “problem” of willing teenage prostitutes is really all about statists (both Left and Right) wanting to control teenage sexuality.
The reality is these teens of both sexes want the money but our own denial of that reality leads us to create the mythic “pimp” while the truth is you can’t make a teenager brush their teeth if they don’t want to.

16 years ago

As far as sex selection, I have always said the best PR move pro-lifers could do is put up a billboard with a big red “X” through a baby girl and text reading “Have a Son Abort Your Girl Baby” with “Doctor” Pablo’s number at the bottom of the billboard.

16 years ago

I suggest that you read a short investigative book called A Crime So Monstrous by E. Benjamin Skinner on modern day slavery. His accounts of sex slavery and chattel slavery as they exist today are depressing and horrifying. You simply can’t make the claim that the prostitutes are in-control and assertive sex workers striding confidently towards a bright and shining future. The reality is an inconvenient truth countering doctrine. There is a big difference between Spitzer’s heteiras and the other, larger, end of the spectrum. Laws exist to protect the latter.

Justin Katz
16 years ago

Mike need read no further than the article to which I linked for evidence that these teens aren’t acting out of informed economic interests.
I’m not persuaded that Mike has a clear understanding either of prostitutes or teenagers.

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