Waiting for that Hard-Hitting, Old-Time-Journalism Scott MacKay Column on Barack Obama’s Misplaced Priorities

Presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama had this to say yesterday, in an address to the League of United Latin American Citizens in Washington D.C…

I fought with you in the Senate for comprehensive immigration reform. And I will make it a top priority in my first year as President — not only because we have an obligation to secure our borders and get control of who comes in and out of our country. And not only because we have to crack down on employers who are abusing undocumented immigrants instead of hiring citizens. But because we have to finally bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows.
Projo news columnist Scott MacKay criticized Obama for making the immigration issue a top priority…
You might think our political leaders would have something more important to do than wrangle over the illegal-immigration issue.
Wait?!?! You’re telling me I’ve made an error? You mean the above statement wasn’t directed at Senator Obama, but at Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri and Providence Mayor David Cicilline?
But if the idea that immigration reform is a distraction from real issues applies to Governor Carcieri and Mayor Cicilline, then columnist MacKay must believe that it applies to Senator Obama too, and that (as well as John McCain, for that matter) is wrong for making immigration reform a top issue in his platform, right?

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Matt Jerzyk
Matt Jerzyk
15 years ago

Andrew –
As I am sure you know, immigration has been declared a federal issue by the US Congress and through federal preemption by the Courts.
For state leaders to ignore a foreclosure crisis and a Rhode Island rec***ion and focus on an issue where they have no power is an important point.
THANK YOU to Scott MacKay for having the intellectual wherewithal to call out these anti-immigrant pandering pols.

15 years ago

Very good, Andrew.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
15 years ago

Matt-the Governor was fully justified in facilitating coopertion between state,local and federal authorities to locate and remove immigration fugitives/violators.The emphasis is on criminal aliens.If this order were about drugs,or internet predators,or any other type of violation you wouldn’t be complaining.
You once said being in the US illegally wasn’t a crime.It is if one entered without inspection,by impersonation,or through visa fraud.Reentry after being deported is a serious felony with a 20 year maximim sentence.
You and your associates in the activist community carry on like wounded warthogs when the federal authorities do their jobs.I think you support open borders and a cessation of enforcement efforts in the interior of the country.
A question-no trick intended-did you have to take an immigration law course at RWU law school?
What Cicilline and Esserman are doing is in my opinion,for whatever that is worth,harboring aliens
Scott McKay allegedly said the word “alien”was offensive.he should complain to the US Congress who utilized that term in the immigration and nationality laws of the US.Such ignorance in a reporter is a good indicator of his overall quality as a journalist.

15 years ago

Andrew –
As I am sure you know it’s never a good idea for pols to pander to rapists and carjackers if they wish to move beyond their third world city.
For mayors and police chiefs to ignore public safety as they put the general population at risk while pimping for votes with certain ethnic groups is political suicide unless of course ones only goal in life is to run a bankrupt crime ridden gang laden third world city.
THANK YOU to Scott MacKay and other libby poodles for drooling the Pavlovian drool every single time Governor Carcieri rings the illegal alien bell. It’s a jolly good show!
Right on time girls! lol

15 years ago

Have you seen even one column written by any of the numerous liberals in this state denouncing Marco Riz? Have you read Komrade Kerr demanding justice for Riz’ victim? That is his usual tired and stale schtick no? Have you read M. Chuckles Bakst lamenting how government failed that poor woman? Isn’t that Chuckie’s usual gripe? How harm comes to people when government fails them? Isn’t it oh so interesting that you haven’t seen any condemnation of Riz and his violent Rhode Island history from the liberal media or blogs.
Silence of the lambs.
Insipid and without soul!
PS: Joe must correct you on two points. MacKay is neither a reporter nor a journalist. He’s simply an old and tired propagandist who carries the water for the dem party and unions. Quite irrelevant really much like the tabloid that employs him.

15 years ago

By simply cutting and pasting, we can condense this intellectually dishonest piece as follows:
In this summer of $4-a-gallon discontent
a recent public opinion survey by veteran pollster Victor Profughi
asked “what do you think is the biggest problem facing Rhode Island right now,”
6 percent mentioned gas prices and 4 percent said illegal immigration.
The same poll also showed that an overwhelming majority wanted state government to require state government to hire only legal workers. Ditto for companies doing business with the state.

Richie Collins
15 years ago

“Operation Wetback, No!Operation Go Back, Yes!”
I am a female who in 1973 joined the United States Army National Guards in my state of Louisiana. And I along with millions of Americans am appalled at what our elected-sell-out-officials are doing to this blessed nation. And as a citizen you wonder what can you do to help take our country back.
I’ve created “Operation Go Back” At, http://www.OperationGoBack.com, site. I got the idea from Pres. Eisenhower Operation Wetback program he carried out in 1954. And Go Back, is what Americans want all illegal aliens to do.
This website will give Americans ideas on what they can do in their areas, sorta like a how to site. T-Shirts expressing how we feel as Americans are at http://www.cafepress.com/OperationGoBack , click the link and to see them, and I would like to know what you think of them.
We’ll be giving ideas on how to get ALL illegal aliens to Go Back to their own countries. Presently ICE is promoting a voluntary self repatriation program that has little success. Maybe they just need a little help. I think these shirts silently but, specifically say GO BACK, in a respectful way.
I would like to ask for your help in getting the word out about “Operation Go Back”? Two of our former presidents sent back millions of illegal aliens and so can we. Pres. Eisenhower took a page from Pres. Hoover playbook and did,
“Operation Wetback” and we can do “Operation Go Back”!
Telling all illegal aliens they must Go Back to their countries and do it right. Thank you for all you do for this country too!

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