Mark Zaccaria on the Republican Energy Policy Floor Revolt

Republican Second District Congressional candidate Mark Zaccaria, last Friday, issued this statement on the U.S. House Republican floor revolt regarding energy policy and domestic drilling for oil

Mark Zaccaria today denounced Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her fellow House Democrats for adjourning for the August recess without having allowed a vote on the offshore drilling ban. Speaker Pelosi refused to allow a vote that could repeal the Congressional ban on offshore drilling. The White House recently repealed the executive ban on offshore drilling, and has called on Congress to do the same.
“I find it very disturbing that my opponent would follow Speaker Pelosi in adjourning for August recess without addressing the most pressing issue facing us today,” said Zaccaria. “Gas prices are having a devastating effect on everyone. Unfortunately, my opponent finds his vacation more important than the livelihood of his constituents.”
As part of his energy plan, Zaccaria has illustrated how speculators are the driving force behind high gas prices; however, initiating domestic oil exploration could drive the price of gas down within days.

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15 years ago

I just joined a “STORM” group for him, at the invite of the Rhode Island College Republicans.
The Democrat incumbent is at least pro-life, but it would be great to have a Republican in that U.S. House seat. (Zaccaria is pro-life, is he not? The STORM group description of his campaign focused on limited-government issues. I hope he is, otherwise that could mess things up, for November.)
I had forgotten that you were also from RI. Have you had your primary election yet?
If Stephen Laffey had defeated Lincoln Chafee for the 2006 U.S. Senate nomination, he may have defeated Sheldon Whitehouse in the general election. I think the people of your state may have been in the mood for an “outsider”-type reformist person to elect statewide, and the same day that Whitehouse won, a conservative Republican was elected Governor; isn’t that correct?
Oftentimes, it is the more conservative candidate who would do better in the general election, rather than the more “moderate” one, as repeated cases – here in Illinois, and elsewhere – demonstrate.

15 years ago

I just looked, and what I found, about that issue, is horrible. Not only does he endorse legal abortion, but he also repeats the myth of widespread “back alley” abortions – information that even its creators have now acknowledged was fraudulent – and also has the audacity to cite (and praise!) Christine Todd Whitman, who was such a disaster, that both social and fiscal conservatives turned against her (after she was first viewed as a rising star, in the GOP).

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