Discussing Energy Alternatives in the Phoenix

I make my debut in the Providence Phoenix this week, with an article on the possibility of turning factory-grown algae into home heating oil, right here in Rhode Island.
However, my article may get upstaged by this “Almost Famous” item about someone else familiar to RI blog readers…

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15 years ago

It’s official: the days of calling the Phoenix Communist are over.

15 years ago

“the days of calling the Phoenix Communist are over.”
First of all – algae?? Too much like seaweed – a requisite of that lefty/hippie diet, macrobiotics.
Secondly, right-wingers want their oil created the way God intended: pumped out of the Texas ground or, better yet, from pristine waters offshore. With a minimum of environmental and other regulations, thereby maximizing the opportunity for oil slicks, oil-drenched water fowl and miles of those cool buoys.
In short, Rhody, this borderline commie article, though penned by a right leaning author, in no way moves the Providence Phoenix towards bi-partisanship.

15 years ago

(Congratulations, Andrew.)

15 years ago

When did you join the Communist Party? 🙂
We have plenty of algae over at Willett Pond in Riverside, if anyone is in need!
By the way, I’m all for alternative energy — all of the above, baby! Wind farms, solar panels, nuclear, tidal, biomass, clean coal, natural gas, you name it!
PS I’ve got a local alternative energy idea … how about incinerating all the trash at the Central Landfill in Johnston? More energy, plus it extends the life of Mt. Trashmore indefinitely. I’m sure it can be done is a reasonably “environmentally friendly” way (I don’t think leaving a pile of trash to just fester and rot on it’s own is “environmentally friendly” to anyone).

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