Re: Any bids for $75,000?

Donald notes the latest lowering of the income level at which a taxpayer “will not see one dime’s worth of tax increase” in an Obama administration. Let’s be clear that it has been a steady and orderly backing down from that $250,000.

> Starts at $250,000.
[The campaign presumably figures out shortly thereafter, either from calculations put forth in the media or by Senator Obama’s own redistribution supporters, that the tax initiative cannot work at such a high income level.]
> It then goes to $200,000 during the half hour commercial. Remember that the commercial was taped a week earlier.
> Joe Biden makes it $150,000 on Monday.
> Enter Governor Richardson who today, takes it down another notch to $120,000.

Politicians usually wait until they get in office to begin breaking campaign promises. It took Bill Clinton two years, for example, to break the campaign promise (China and human rights) that flipped me away from him and got me to vote Republican in a presidential race for the first time.
Not so with Senator Obama, who has punctuated the campaign trail itself with substantial flip-flops. Public campaign financing, promptly getting out of Iraq, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the embargo on Cuba – now a steady narrowing of the qualification to escape higher taxes.
The question is, how does one determine that Senator Obama has well and finally settled on a particular stance? Would it be possible for his campaign to arrange some sort of signaling system? “The green flag is up and waving. Yes, that’s it – $120,000 is the tax-hike ceiling.”

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15 years ago

All politicians waver on their stances during a campaign.

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