Click Over Tomorrow

It’s probably a function of personal involvement, more than anything, but this election just seems to be a bigger event than usual, so I’m sure y’all will be taking in the news on the radio and TV and poking around the Internet. Well, along your way, be sure to click over to WPRO’s Web site, because the Anchor Rising contributors will be liveblogging on location, as it were. (I’ll post a direct link when I have one.)
Andrew will be hanging out with the Republicans at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Monique will be down in South County with Jim Haldeman and the gang. Marc’ll be tucked away in his home blogging station, keeping an eye on the news and blogosphere. Don is deep in the heart of red America and may check in from flyover country.
And me? Well, I’ll be in the belly of the beast, taking in the sights and sounds of the RI Democrats’ celebration at the Providence Biltmore, hoping that any breaking news doesn’t involve me. (I guess I should have faked a cramp when the folks at WPRO asked us to have a foot race around the office as part of the assignment process.)
The experience is new to us all, so we’ve no idea what to expect, although it can’t help but be more interesting than blogging the debates.

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