About that historic turnout….

According to Byron York, Obama has 62.4 million votes, while McCain has 55.4 million. In 2004, Bush won 62 million votes, and Kerry 59 million. Yes, votes are still being tallied, but there aren’t that many more to go. According to Jonah Goldberg, 17% of 18-29 year-olds voted in 2004, 18% voted this year. All in all, then, voter turnout was about the same between 2004 and 2008.

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Matt Jerzyk
15 years ago

Er… wrong…
Voters cast their ballots Tuesday in numbers not seen in at least 40 years, as millions of Americans picked their president early and waited in lines that stretched the lengths of blocks and buildings.
It looks like about 133.3 million people voted for president, based on preliminary results from the country’s precincts tallied and projections for absentee ballots, said Michael McDonald of George Mason University. Using his methods, that would give 2008 a 62.5 percent turnout rate, he said.
Both numbers are estimates and may change as officials count more absentee and provisional ballots.
McDonald suggested the turnout to be about equal to or better than 1964, but not higher than 1960 when John F. Kennedy squeaked out a victory over Richard Nixon. The turnout rate then was 63.8 percent.
The total voting in 2008 easily outdistanced 2004’s 122.3 million, which had been the highest grand total of voters before.

don roach
don roach
15 years ago

I think what will be more interesting it to look at those who identify themselves as conservative voting in 2004 versus 2008. I think there was an influx of new voters to this election and many conservatives weren’t motivated by McCain to come out as there were in 2004 for Bush.

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