Rhode Islanders Vote for National Change…and more of the Same

Senate Majority Leader Joseph Montalbano lost, but that was about the only good news for the state GOP this year.

Aside from Montalbano’s loss, Rhode Island voters yesterday did little to change the dominance of the Democrats in the legislature. Senate Majority Leader M. Teresa Paiva Weed, and others appeared to survive aggressive challenges despite staggering levels of voter discontent.
As recently as late September, a Rhode Island College poll found that nearly three in four Rhode Islanders believed the state was going in the wrong direction. Governor Carcieri and the state GOP tried to play to this sentiment.
…But voters did not, apparently, hold the Democrats who run the state legislature singularly responsible for the state of the state.

Yes, the 18 Republicans in the Legislature have had a lot to do with the state’s current condition. Good thing there are only 10 now.

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15 years ago

The people deserve what they get. I hope the pickpockets raise the sales tax to 10% next year as a big Thank You to the robots who keep voting for “the party of the working people”.
Just more impetus for me to shop online or go to Seekonk-where I can fill up my tank on lower taxed MA gas and enjoy a lower taxed MA lunch.
Nationally, meet President George Jefferson and First Ho’ Michelle. Again, the people get what they deserve. Enjoy that “middle class tax cut”

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