One Rhode Island Problem in Color

Joseph Henchman of The Tax Foundation “combine[d] state sales tax rates with the weighted average of local sales taxes” to produce the below map (h/t):

As Henchman notes, “Being purple surrounded by brown and white is probably good for your state; being brown surrounded by purple and white not so much.” Rhode Island, the “not so much” state.

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Ragin' Rhode Islander
Ragin' Rhode Islander
15 years ago

And that dingbat Elizabeth Roberts is launching an initiative to encourage us to shop in RI!
Hey, Liz, take that “temporary” 7% sales tax rate, take to the top of Smith Hill, and shove it up that independent man statue’s behind.
Shop in MA and starve the beast on Smith Hill – if the General Assembly doesn’t care about Rhode Island’s businesses, why should we????

15 years ago

RE; Liz Roberts-BuyRI
I’m announcing SCREWRI.
Buy everything taxable and I mean EVERYTHING online or in Mass. or Conn. Save money and screw the Smith Hill Mob. When you go to Seekonk Circuit City or Home Depot enjoy lunch in Seekonk too. Fill your tank there. Buy your booze too. Make sure EVERY smoker you know buys their smokes from the Seneca’s in NY online at $2 a pack.
Most important-buy your car in MA or CT. No, it won’t save you a dime but you can SCREWRI out of 5% (6% in CT) of the purchase price.
Pass this message on to everyone you know.
SCREWRI-and the crooks who run it.

15 years ago

Be careful boys. The General Assembly might just pass a law forbidding anyone from leaving the State of Rhode Island and therefore subject you to their very will.

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