The GOP: What To Emphasize, What to De-emphasize

This l.t.e. (no longer on line), forwarded by a friend, appeared in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. It succintly outlines the discussion this evening between WPRO’s Matt Allen and National GOP Committeeman (State Representative) Joe Trillo as well as currently among Republicans everywhere.
My own slightly tangential reaction to this letter is: what hijacking? While their continued presence in the Republican party platform is one of the big subjects of the discussion, the pro life/school choice/marriage planks in the Republican party platform did not suddenly appear this year.

Mainstream Republicans and right-leaning independents want to back a party that leads on the issues of spending discipline, government reform, protection of individual liberties and a strong defense. If the Christian right is allowed to continue its hijacking of the GOP, the party will stand simply for pro-life, school choice and antigay marriage. All three are important issues and will keep the evangelical Republicans in line. But the Republican Party must return to its roots to avoid more of the same thumping it experienced on November 4.
Scott Ullem, Chicago.

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15 years ago

If the GOP is really failing because it has “become too conservative” like Rep. Trillo said; then I see no hope.
What differentiates Republicans from Democrats if we need to look more like them? Trillo said “the country is moderate” If this is what the RNC is talking about. I give up. We’re screwed. Forgive me Saint Ronald, but the party has left me.
The RI GOP needs to change their focus from losing elections, to fixing Rhode Island.
The RNC needs to do basically the same. Focusing on winning elections, instead of fixing and strengthening the country, ensures we lose elections.

Tom W
Tom W
15 years ago

In the areas where the GOP is dominated by “moderates” – the Northeast and California – it keeps losing and shrinking. It has for decades now. So why roll this losing political orientation out nationwide across the GOP?
The social conservatives didn’t hijack the GOP, they’ve merely adhered to their core beliefs.
The “rest of” the GOP abandoned spending discipline and the rest because incumbent “Republicans” in Congress decided that earmarks and prescription drug benefits and amnesty were the way to eternal salvation, i.e., eternal reelection.
The prescription drug benefit didn’t help them peel off senior votes in 2006. The AARP crowd voted Democrat, as they have pretty much since FDR.
Nor did attempted amnesty / family reunification help McCain this year – La Raza went for Obama.
And Proposition 8 fared better in “blue” California than did McCain.
Since the vast majority of Americans oppose amnesty and gay marriage, getting on board with the majority (instead of with Democrat positions) should be a “no brainer” for GOP candidates.
Instead, it seems like GOP candidates have “no brains.”

15 years ago

It’s not just the Northeast and California.
Who would’ve thought Democrats could get elected in Virginia and North Carolina and, my God, Mississippi?
Eight, or even four years ago, Liddy Dole would’ve gotten away with the flat-out lie about religion she threw at her opponent. This time, she didn’t.
The days of conservatives automatically saving a race by whipping out the three Gs are over. Voters, even in the South, want a little more.
Biggest mistake the GOP made: throwing John Chafee out of the Senate leadership. It sent the message the Northeast doesn’t matter. That’s why GOP moderates had trouble winning from the mid-90s on.

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