Re: Not the Way to Run a City… or a City-State

From the ProJo article which Justin cites:

According to the mayor’s chief of administration, Richard I. Kerbel, the retroactive pay for the nonunion officers matches retroactive pay awarded to police union members in arbitration over the last fiscal year

Unlike so many other aspects of public sector compensation, it is, in fact, common practice in the private sector for a company to keep management raises in line with those received by unionized workers. The difference is that companies in the private sector usually do not hand out raises during tough budgetary times. If the Mayor and the City Council had not agreed to raises for rank and file members of the work force, there would be no need for Providence to match the compensation of nonunion officers.
This is in no way intended to single out Providence’s first responders. I am on record as stating that Mayor Cicilline’s contractual “stance” against the firefighters was solely a campaign melodrama (entitled, “Look At Me! I’m Drawing The Line For The Taxpayer!”) that accomplished nothing as it focused on such small portion of the salary column of the city’s budget. Raises across the public sector board in Providence – make that around the state and in the State House – needed to be sharply curbed years ago.

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joe bernstein
joe bernstein
12 years ago

Cicilline is and always has been a piece of crap.
Esserman is another piece of crap-albeit this piece of crap sports a large ornate hat to cover his swelled head.
The truth about Cicilline oozes out when he tries to shut down libraries and youth recreation centers in the poorest neighborhoods after suckering the people living there.What an unmitigated lying little turd.

12 years ago

The truth is slowly collapsing the fiefdom of that corrupt, deranged, perverted, felonious freak of nature.
By the time state aid is cut Providence will have a $35 million deficit. Plus an unfunded pension liability of over 700 million, more than double what it was when the lisping freak took office.
Look for 2009 being the year of the recall in the “capital city”.

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