Chariho Fiefdom Temporarily Suspended

Apparently powerful players on local school committees can’t just subvert the will of voters without providing the public any warning that they intend to do so:

Superior Court Judge O. Rogeriee Thompson has ordered the Chariho Regional School Committee to reinstate William Felkner until it properly votes on whether to allow him to serve on the school board while seated as a member of the Hopkinton Town Council.
Thompson enjoined the school board from enforcing its Nov. 18 decision, based on a finding by Chariho Solicitor Jon M. Anderson, that when Felkner took the oath of office as a Town Council member the evening before, he in effect gave up his seat on the School Committee.
Although the Nov. 18 school board meeting was properly advertised, there was no public notice that the board was considering a vote on whether Felkner could continue to serve.

Assuming that public light doesn’t cause Chariho School District lawyer Jon Anderson — and whoever’s prodding him — to recede into their hovels to scheme for another day, manipulating the system by other means, it would behoove Rhode Islanders interested in fair dealings and sane reforms to attend any duly advertised meeting at which the dabblers in conspiracy may attempt, again, to deny voters’ right to elect whom they like for local offices.
As a side note: Doesn’t the Providence Journal have anybody on staff who could provide some sense of where the relevant law actually stands when it comes to simultaneously holding the two particular offices to which Bill has been elected? I’d gladly do the research, if I had time, but it seems to me that such contributions to news stories represent an area in which a state-level newspaper would be well positioned to provide an added value worth paying for.

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13 years ago

I believe the judge already referred that question to the AG Office for legal opinion and clarification.

Justin Katz
13 years ago

That aspect is irrelevant to the service that a news organization can offer to its audience by elucidating the legal considerations involved.

13 years ago

That would actually require them to practice journalism. Gasp!
I have never once seen in print anywhere which relevant law or statute that Chariho used to deny him his seat in the first place, except for a personal opinion by their own lawyer. Bill was essentially being asked to prove his innocence, after being assumed guilty, when the burden of proof was squarely on the school committee to prove that Bill was ineligible to serve on the committee.
Today was a good day to be reading the Projo.

Mike Cappelli
Mike Cappelli
13 years ago

The day that Mike Metcalf died in 1987 is the day that the Journal died.
Since that day is has been dying a slow death, where the dopes running it today think the way to turn things around is to provide less local coverage and give us more “Love Stories” and AP wire stories that we all read the night before on Drudge.
Yep, talk about a bunch of clueless idiots. And you think they are going to give us insightful commentary on anything. That would require insighful people – it ain’t gonna happen anymore.

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