Re: Making Indoor Prostitution Illegal

… or “Gosh, we would make it illegal but …”
The reason given in the past by General Assembly leadership for its failure to close out the technicality that makes prostitution legal indoors is that the consequences of doing so would fall disproportionately on women – i.e., the prostitutes.
There is an easy solution to this dilemma. Make it illegal to purchase such services but not to sell them.
Understand that I am not saying that this would be fair. It would, however, accomplish both of the General Assembly’s purported goals: outlawing prostitution while holding women legally harmless.

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12 years ago

My little nephew tells me junior high girls routinely give out sex acts for free. Yet some people are so small minded and repressed that they want to spend (in a time of half-billion dollar deficits) my tax money to lock up ADULTS for consensual sex.
Such idiocy sickens me. Mind your own ***d*mn business.
The same unholy alliance of Police State Right and Police State Left that has given us the “war on drugs” and a century of bloody and bankrupting globalism. President George Jefferson to double occupiers in Afghanistan and increase corporate bailouts.
Welcome to Bush’s third term.

12 years ago

All they have to do is close the loophole, and then go after the brothel owners and pimps… they’re the ringleaders.

12 years ago

Once again, your comments are right on. For there to be a crime, there also needs to be a victim. Who, I would ask, is the victim of prostitution?
You can’t tell me that a woman who works 60 hours per week and earns 40 grand a year isn’t selling her body, but a prostitute who works for 20 hours per week and makes 100 grand is selling her body. In reality, they’re both selling their bodies, just for different purposes.

erik d.
erik d.
12 years ago

What do the experts say?:
“All strong societies have a strong moral basis. Any study of the history of economic development shows the close relationship between moral and economic factors. Countries and groups that achieve successful development do so partly because they have an ethic that encourages the economic virtues of self-reliance, hard work, family and social responsibility, high savings, and honesty. This is also true of social subgroups. The business success of Jews, particularly of religious Jews, of the Puritans in New England, of the Quakers in British business in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, or of the Mormons in modern America, all show the economic benefits that result from cultures with a strong moral framework.”
– from “The Sovereign Individual”
by James Dale Davidson & Lord William Rees-Mogg
From book jacket:
“DAVIDSON is founder and chairman of the National Taxpayers Union. He has written for the ‘Wall Street Journal’ and numerous other national publications, and is a director of Banco Comafi in Buenos Aires, Advanced Technology Holdings, Sedna, Geotech, Anatolia Minerals, Oro Argentina, Ouro Brasil, Mariah Entertainment, and Wharekauhau Holdings Ltd.
REES-MOGG is a financial adviser to some of the world’s wealthiest investors. He is a director of J. Rothschild Investments, General Electric, PLC, and the M&G Group, the largest unit trust operation in the U.K. He was formerly the editor of the ‘Times’ of London, and vice chairman of the ‘British Boradcasting Corporation’.

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