Out on the Town with Republicans

Well, the country boy made it to the city. Eventually, I broke down and paid $5 to park (next door, by the way). The room at McFadden’s is pretty full, but there’s still room if you can get here.
So far, I’ve bumped into Gio Ciccione, Mark Zaccaria, Jon Scott, Dave Talan, Bob Watson, OSPRI’S Brian Bishop, a few familiars from RIRA (Ray McKay, Will Ricci), and of course, RIILE’ Terry Gorman, host Travis Rowley. (Oh, and some guy named Andrew Morse.)
A lot of very young-looking folks (guess I’m officially n my thirties). And oddly, I’m the only person using a bluetooth keyboard and cell phone to post to the Internet. The decline of the state of Rhode Island!

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Tom W
Tom W
12 years ago

I go to Providence only if I absolutely have to.
It’s just not worth it, between parking hassles (and expense) and red light cameras (I don’t know where they are so don’t know how route myself to avoid them).
I give enough to Providence via “state aid,” I don’t need to get whacked again via some red light camera.
And then there’s the increasing crime …

12 years ago

I’m there in spirit!
“and red light cameras (I don’t know where they are so don’t know how route myself to avoid them).”
Thomas, if you would simply stop for them, you would have no problem. You could then visit our fine city for an enjoyable evening on the town. (Is that a fireman? I have to run …)
Mayor David

Tom W
Tom W
12 years ago

But Mayor David,
How do I know that you haven’t artificially shortened the yellow light time to make it near impossible to avoid a ticket?
It’s either that or slam on one’s brakes and risk getting rear-ended by another. Most of us DON’T want to get rear-ended, you know.
(Sorry, couldn’t resist the bad pun.)

12 years ago

Tom W,
Whenever I run red lights in Providence, I make sure to have a fake license plate. I generally use the same one as the Director of Protocol.

Tom W
Tom W
12 years ago

I’ve lusted after a diplomatic plate myself.
Then I can drive damn near however I want, and park wherever I want, with impunity … or at least diplomatic immunity.
Far better than one of the run of the mill “100” badges! 😉

12 years ago

I found free on-street parking, but you have to know where to look.
It was a very good event. I was very pleased with the mix of young and old, political pros and novices, etc. Hopefully, it becomes a regular thing.

12 years ago

A meeting of Cliff Clavins and Fraiser Cranes.

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