Gov Blago: They’re Impeaching Me to Raise Taxes. (Yeah, that’s the ticket …)

Please don’t take this guy away too quickly.
From the Chicago Sun Times:

Gov. Blagojevich continued to hammer away at the rules governing his upcoming impeachment trial this morning, saying the “fix is in in” and Illinoisans would be socked with massive tax increases should he be kicked out of office.
“They want to get me out fast so they could put a huge income-tax increase on the people of Illinois,” the governor said in a 43-minute interview this morning on WLS-AM 890’s Don Wade & Roma show. “It’s either going be a 66 percent income-tax increase or a 33 percent income-tax increase. And they want to raise the sales tax on gas.
“They know I’m against those things, and I veto them. If I’m out of the way, they can quietly push this through.”

Following upon his refusal to submit a witness list for his upcoming impeachment trial which he termed a “sham”, he noted that

I can be soldier in the fight for constitutional rights.

A soldier on the humor supply line, anyway. We’re with you all the way, Gov!

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