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I’ve had reason to be optimistic, over the past few days, that the various isolated (and sometimes schismatic) groups that have thus far constituted the Rhode Island right (or center-right) are beginning to come together. The factors that bind us are of increasing importance, compared with those that tend to push us apart.
No doubt, key players are engaged in conversations behind the scenes, but I’ve found it particularly encouraging to see the town-level groups and individual citizens weaving together the various degrees of conservatism, leveraging the disparate tools provided by the state-level subgroups (e.g., organization by RISC and data from OSPRI). This process will continue, and as it does, we’ll need a place, fundamentally independent from the rest, to hone our agreements and work on our disagreements — an informational hub and meeting place.
I suspect you know what I have in mind. Anchor Rising is uniquely positioned at the intersection of various pathways — media, community, research, reportage — and we hope to expand our activities in all directions. Among them is identifying and cultivating participants in the civil debate and political struggle.
Of course, that requires resources.
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