More Official and Public Comment from the East Providence School Committee Meeting

Here is one financial measure of exactly how dire a situation in the city is in.
Suprintendent Mario Cirillo praises the level of professionalism and effort exhibited by East Providence school system personnel…
…and outlines a plan for administrative restructuring that he believes will eventually save the city $400,000 per year, while helping to create a culture of achievement within the schools.
East Providence Education Association President Valerie Lawson argues that the school committee holding the meeting at City Hall, instead of at the high school, is an attempt to limit public participation, and that it was “the reaction of the school committee” that brought about the early retirement proposal made by the union.
Two East Providence teachers discuss their pride in their profession.
Teacher Richard Martin calls for a search for middle ground (warning: North Providence residents may want to skip this one).
Bill Murphy (aka “the good Bill Murphy”, from the East Providence Taxpayers Association) discusses the negotiations process, open or otherwise.
East Providence resident Jack Fahey challenges the idea that there is something inherently wrong with open negotiations, and brings some discussion of how things are done in other states to the table.
Another East Providence resident lays out the the dilemma that many parents, in East Providence and across Rhode Island, are facing.
In the most contentious moment of the evening, when former school committee member Mildred Morris takes it upon herself to berate the current school committee, an audience member challenges the idea that past school committee members bear no responsibility for the current problems.
East Providence teacher Mary Texeira once again stakes out a tough, direct, but willing to compromise position.

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12 years ago

As a North Probidence resident, I couldn’t resist listening to Martin. If he made that speech in North Providence, he’d be splashed out in somebody’s car trunk by now – the man makes too much sense.

Richard Martin
Richard Martin
12 years ago

I really meant no disrespect to North Providence, I was trying to make the point that mother loved East Providence, her home of over 45 years. Again, sorry to the people of North Providence. Please don’t take it personally.

12 years ago

No offense taken.
While North Providence certainly has some qualities to recommend it (parks, library/natatorium), I’ve lived here for 17 1/2 years and still feel like a newbie.

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