City Council to Consider Measure Making Itself the Rhode Island within Rhode Island

If Rhode Island has had one of the worst business climates in the country due to taxes and fees, at tonight’s City Council meeting, Cranston may seek to similarly distinguish itself on the state level.

The other is a resolution that would seek the General Assembly’s authorization to require all businesses in the city to obtain a city license, for a fee.

Cranston already has high property taxes. Why compound that reputation with licenses fees?
Though he probably did not coin the expression, someone said something recently that I had not previously heard: “Capital follows tax policy”. Hopefully, Rhode Island as a whole is beginning to learn this. Cranston may need a brush-up course.

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12 years ago

What are you talking about??!! Isn’t it time we make these businesses pay their fair share? In fact, why don’t we just have them turn over all of their profits to government!? We know better than anyone what’s the best way to spend a dollar. I say tax tax tax some more, maybe then they’ll get the message and take their fat-cat money grubbing businesses elsewhere?!!

12 years ago

With all the shucking and jiving by so-called hero’s like Lombardi, Laffey and Avedesian might I suggest that the 35%-40% of us in this state who are sane recognize that for the elevator to start heading up towards the penthouse it will be required (loathe as we are to admit it) to first go down to the sub-basement.
Therefore, my suggestions for who we work to put in positions of power next year:
Governor-Liz Roberts
Speaker of the House-Edith Ajiello
House Finance-Joe “3 bankruptcies a charm” Almeida
Senate President-Chuck Levesque
Auditor General-Matt “Yum Yum hypocrite scum” Jerzyk
Health and Human Services-Goldilocks Brewster

Tom W
Tom W
12 years ago

They need to raise cash to build a fund to cover the municipal bankruptcy attorney’s fee.

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