Ka-Boom! Tiverton Residents Sue for Refund of Illegal Tax Increase

Things are going to get even a leetle more interesting in our sleepy corner of the state:

Danielle Coulter, a chiropractor and Tiverton School Committee member just elected to office last November, has filed a lawsuit against the Tiverton’s tax assessor.
She claims that last year’s property tax levy in excess of the tax cap was excessive and unlawful, and she asks the court for relief from paying the taxes on property at 34 Lawton Avenue which she and her husband Robert D. Coulter are listed as owners.
Their property is assessed for tax purposes at $395,700 and they pay, according to tax assessor records, $4,455 in taxes.
Mr. Coulter is a lawyer with a Providence law firm and was elected last November to the town Budget Committee, on which he serves as vice-chairman.
Explaining the process that “has brought about this suit,” Ms. Coulter said “I am simply appealing my tax bill, everyone has that right.”
“The suit is not about money,” she said. “The overall amount in question is $193. If returned to us it will be donated to the Tiverton Land Trust. The Financial Town Meeting process is in question. This is about fairness and following the law. It is my belief that the town was lied to in the initial FTM, regarding the timing needed to reconvene the next FTM.” …
Ms. Coulter made other allegations in her complaint about last year’s town meeting that she said was “fraught with irregularities … (that) amounted to a deprivation of due process.”

I can’t promise to give my refund to charity, but I might donate some of it to a joint Coulter reelection fund.

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