Twenty Percent of Massachusetts Stimulus Dollars Directed to Honor One Family

Who would that be? You guessed it.
H/T Howie Carr. From the American Thinker:

According to an AP article , Massachusetts is receiving 126 million stimulus dollars; of that amount more than 1 out of 5 of those dollars “is going to help preserve the legacy of the Kennedys.”
1) $5.8 million to plan and design the new Senator Edward M. Kennnedy (D-MA) Institute for the Senate plus, perhaps, an endowment for said institute. (Quietly insert your own free Senator Edward Kennedy Senatorial Institute joke here.)
2) $22 million for expanding the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.
3) $5 million for a downtown Boston park; a new gateway to Boston Harbor Island on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

A caller to Howie correctly pointed out that the honorable thing for the Kennedy family to do would be to decline these projects and suggest that the funds be directed to more urgent and practical projects.

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Scott Bill Hirst
Scott Bill Hirst
13 years ago

Obviously you being a mean spirited, cold hearted,callous,fascist, Republican, you just don’t understand! I know you will be thinking of the Kennedy’s on St. Patrick’s Day!
Even being of part Irish heritage, I am not a Kennedy worshipper!
Just teasing of course in regards to first paragraph! Hope to see you at GOP State Central on Thursday, March 19TH!
Erin Go Bragh!

Tom W
Tom W
13 years ago

Glad to know that my household’s finances, and your household’s finances, are being diminished in order to fund such critical needs.
We truly are in the era of “shared sacrifice” aren’t we … well, unless you’re one of Obama’s cabinet members or Patrick I Never Worked an F-ing Day In My Life Kennedy.
Leona Helmsley was prescient when she said “only the little people pay taxes.”

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