RISC Winter Meeting: Gary Sasse Talks Taxes

Giving the first speech at the Rhode Island Statewide Coalition’s Winter Meeting, Gary Sasse, Governor Carcieri’s Director of the Department of Administration, spoke about tax policy (stream entire speech):

  • RISC Chairman Harry Staley’s introduction: stream, download
  • Sasse’s opening remarks — we compete for capital and labor, and tax policy affects our success: stream, download
  • The reason for a Tax Policy Workgroup was our lack of competitiveness — we were “taking money out of the private sector and putting it in the public sector in a very uncompetitive way”: stream, download
  • The need for reform to prepare for the end of the recession: stream, download
  • The tax reform in the governor’s current budget — increase exemption of estate tax, phase out and eliminate the corporate tax (“That is the perception change we need. That is a bold step.”), decrease personal income taxes (“Every income group, up to a half million dollars, pays lower average income taxes under the proposed system.”): stream, download
  • Closing remarks: stream, download
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