RISC Winter Meeting: Treasurer Frank Caprio on Debt and Pensions

Third on the schedule at the Rhode Island Statewide Coalition’s Winter Meeting was RI General Treasurer Frank Caprio (stream entire speech):

  • RISC Chairman Harry Staley’s introduction: stream, download
  • Caprio’s opening remarks (and shout-outs): stream, download
  • Mock description of U.S. and RI governments as investment opportunities: stream, download
  • Why are these entities able to find investors to cover debt? Private enterprise: stream, download
  • Expressing intentions to “move things in the right direction (i.e., lowering taxes, increasing transparency, and furthering “strong financial management”: stream, download
  • Reviewing the pension system’s history in RI — “Is there any mystery as to why we as taxpayers are slated to pay a billion dollars of taxpayer money into the pension system in just seven short years?”: stream, download
  • The solution — “being addressed right now by the state legislator”: stream, download
  • “The problem is that we have twenty years” to go” to fully fund pensions” while pursuing changes in health and logevity increases: stream, download
  • Closing remarks, insisting that we not saddle future generations with our problems:: stream, download
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