Avoiding a Tax Increase by Increasing Taxes

While the town council discusses sewage-related matters, I’ve revisited a recent Sakonnet Times article and found the following more significant in light of my subsequent confusion about the sudden drop in the projected tax increase:

The council adopted a new schedule of fees and fines for over 150 services that will generate revenues for the town. Dog licenses, gun dealer permits, mooring fees, assessor inspection fees, and landfill fees are among the many listed in the new schedule.
In addition, increases in almost all such fees were approved by the council. Cemetery plot fees went from $250 to $400. Insufficient check fees went from $25 to $50. Blocking a fire hydrant will get you fined $50, not $20 as it used to. Commit a handicapped parking violation and expect to be fined $75, not the previous $20.
In an interview, Town Administrator Goncalo said he had “no idea how much more” in additional revenue the new fees and fine amounts will generate for the town.
As with the other ordinances adopted by the council Monday night, the new revised fee and fine schedule will be posted on the town website in the near future, said Mr. Teitz.

I wonder whether some sort of estimate of new revenue in the revised budget submitted by the town council. If so, then we’ve avoided exceeding the tax cap by increasing taxes by another means.

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12 years ago

It is my belief that a root of our problems lies with legislatures of most states and the federal government. (Not to mention the fools who continually vote for them.) These people recognize no bounds to their power. The Constitution, tradition, common law or ethics mean nothing to them. (If it feels good to them, they do it.) The only way to stop them is to starve them out. If we can organize an entity to present the folks on Smith Hill a manifesto outlining our demands and wishes and give them a short period to meet them and they do, O.K. If they do not see the light, then we go into action. That action is inspired by the great philosopher Homey D. Clown, “we don’t play dat game”. What I propose is that the law abiding, taxpaying, productive citizens of the state refuse to pay anything in the way of taxes, fines or fees period. No more, no way, just stop it. I propose we blow through toll booths, refuse to pay traffic fines, real estate taxes, car taxes, (keep the money in escrow) license and regisration fees, pay nothing that feeds the government monster. The money only goes to increase their power and drive us closer to servitude. DON’T PLAY DAT GAME!!! What would happen if we did not pay traffic fines. A big ugly man would come and demand we go pay or go to court, so we go to court and still refuse to pay, maybe we go to jail for a while, so what? (less income tax goes to the state while we are an expense to the state–cooool.) If we could get 20% of productive citizens to do this The Poilitburo on the hill would have to take notice as their revenue evaporates… Read more »

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