Right on the Bailout Nation

Already talking about his next run against Rep. Jim Langevin, Mark Zaccaria is pitch perfect on the AIG mess, as far as I’m concerned:

“I don’t anticipate that all of the stimulus money will be effectively used,” he said. Zaccaria said he is not opposed in principle to such federal pump-priming measures to invigorate an ailing economy. But the law that Congress passed was so flawed that it should have been scrapped, he said.
Zaccaria also found fault with the federal bailout of the insurance giant AIG. “My inclination,” Zaccaria said of AIG, would have been “to let it fail.” As a business-oriented Republican, he explained, “I’m not entirely opposed to sitting back and watching the forces of nature and the economy take their course” when businesses make mistakes that endanger them.

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12 years ago

On a local level, I was in your hood earlier and had to laugh that they are buillding a 1/2 mile of sidewalk connecting Lil Bear bar to the three or four houses on that stretch…especially being that there is an existing side walk on the opposite side of the road. A sign proudly claims “paid for by the economic recovery act”.
Of course I guess that’s better than in Mass where Deval Patrick is using $162,000,000 of the Mass stimulus share to offset UMASS tuition increases for the year….while there are 33 professors and deans that made over $300,000 last year…and a chancellor that made $600,000…

12 years ago

Let AIG fail…………
If AIG fails, they owe billions to RI based MetLife,then MetLife and 1,000
RI jobs will go away.
I own All State stocks,if AIG fails so goes All State.
thank you Cheney/Bush

12 years ago

Albert, sounds like you’ve made some bad business decisions too.
If Mark Zaccaria wants to be a member of Congress, he needs to move where voters “get” the “pitch”.
Most RI voters will vote for Langevin no matter how deeply he’s part of the problem. Many RI voters, many of them smart people, will never take the intellectual journey required to draw the same conclusions as Mr. Zaccaria and his supporters. The left has managed to corrupt the minds of enough people in the Northeast that the sensible criticism and ideas put forth by someone like Mark Zaccaria are as foriegn to Rhode Islanders as the dialect spoken by the dwellers of the lower Hushe valley.
In Wyoming, Oklahoma or Texas, where a man like Mr. Zaccaria would already be a Rep. in Congress, painters, car mechanics, shop keepers, teachers, firefighters and bank tellers would all hear what he is saying and say “no $#1t”!

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