Richard Phillips Freed…

…according to ABC News.

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13 years ago

First the Merchant Mariners, then the Navy Seals. Great job, gentlemen. This was terrific news.

Pat Crowley
13 years ago

note for the record: no mention of the Obama order.

Thomas Schmeling
Thomas Schmeling
13 years ago

Obama order?
What did he have to do with this?

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
13 years ago

Thomas-I think Crowley means the fact that Obama green-lighted the local commanders to act as they saw fit.That was the right thing to do in this situation insofar as it didn’t involve hostile action against a foreign power,just some buccaneers.

13 years ago

“no mention of the Obama order”
No mention of Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. on RI Future.
No mention of Obama’s justice department clearing former Sen. Stevens of all charges on RI Future.
No mention of Obama’s justice department agreeing with the Bush administration’s policy on international telephone surveillance on RI Future.
President Obama made the right call, but it was kind of a no brainer. What matters to me is what he does next. If he thinks the pirate crisis is over, he’s in a lot more over his head than I thought.

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