Photoblogging Today’s Tea Party: Rhode Island’s Medical Taxes

The most substantive signs of the day came from a pair of nurses who turned out to protest the recent tax increase on medical expenses…


One of the protesting nurses was kind enough to provide some additional detail…
I work at Toll Gate radiology, I schedule all the exams. There’s a 2% tax increase for all the patients that come in, they end up spending 2% and it kind of defeats the purpose. They end up paying a lot more to get testing that they need to have done. Even with their co-payments, they end up paying $125 more than they should have to go in for a CAT scan.

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12 years ago

this one is a real joke. cut medicare spending and many in health care jobs would be out of work.

12 years ago

The next time someone complains about healthcare and suggests “government-run” healthcare, remind them that the government already taxes them on their existing healthcare.

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