Corrected: Breaking Local News Related to FTM Moderator

At the tail end of our Tiverton Citizens for Change meeting, I received word that Mike Burk won the position as financial town meeting moderator on a unanimous council vote a council vote of five to one, with Jay Lambert voting against and, with Council President Don Bollin suspiciously absent.
Well, I warned of the outcome should this come to pass.

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13 years ago

Well, it should make for more lively financial town meetings.
Not a very “moderate” choice, was it?

Joanne Arruda
Joanne Arruda
13 years ago

Mr. Katz:
Please be adivsed that the information you received last night regarding the vote for the moderator is incorrect. The vote was unanimous for Michael Burk.
Mr. Lambert only nominated Mr. Smith, but voted in the end for Mr. Burk.

miss info
miss info
13 years ago

Again and again mr katz get the facts a little twisted!!! hes a real reliable source!

Justin Katz
13 years ago

Oh well. I guess my credibility is shot because somebody gave me the wrong info on one council member’s vote (assuming that Jay didn’t change his vote after the fact, as we’ve seen done before).
Makes a world of difference. (Well, for Jay it might.)

13 years ago

Wheee! Flashbacks of grade school!
Where’s the hopscotch grid …?

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