Overheard on the Jobsite

Multi-job-site days always disrupt my posting routine, but I was rewarded with an encouraging exchange at my second stop. Two glass guys from the cape were installing a shower door as I put trim around the large vanity mirror. When they broke out the hammer drill to put screw anchors in the marble around the shower:

Me:You guys sure are loud.
Glass guy 1: Hey, you gotta break some eggs to make an omelet.
Me: Are you communists, too?
Glass guy 2:No, but we’re all socialists now, apparently. You gotta spread the wealth around.
Me: Change you can believe in, because you’ve seen it before.
Glass guy 1: Hey, did you hear what the interest payments are going to be on all this borrowing?…
Glass guy 1: And you know how much that photo shoot from the plane in New York cost? …

I work among non-union blue collar guys, of course, but it’s still surprising (and pleasant!) to have such conversations.
I had my MP3 player on shuffle. If only it had happened to play that children’s choir Obama campaign song…

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