2010 AG Race: Ian Donnis’ Interesting Conversation with the Current AG

… can be found at Donnis’ blog on WRNI.
It sounds like the current AG read a recent comment here by Joe Bernstein – something about the inadviseability of two Lynchs running for two out of five General Offices in 2010 – and has taken it to heart.

During a taping this morning of WPRI/WNAC-TV’s Newsmakers, Attorney General Patrick Lynch called it unlikely that his brother Bill, chairman of the state Democratic Party, will run for AG in 2010.
This comes as Bill Lynch has said he is considering the AG race, amid questions about Patrick Lynch’s focus on the 2010 gubernatorial campaign.
Here is a verbatim transcript of a followup interview I had with Patrick Lynch after the show. (I’ve left a voice mail for Bill Lynch and will post his response if and when he responds.):

Ian Donnis: How likely is it that your brother Bill will run for attorney general if you do indeed run for governor in 2010?
Patrick Lynch: I don’t think very high at all. I think Bill is a fine candidate, I think he’s a tremendous chairman, but I don’t think the two Lynches being on the ballot is necessarily something that would be responded to well by the people. That’s understandable. But remember, we’re a long way off from anybody deciding what office they’re formally running for. While there’s kind of rank speculation on the street, and some buildup in the background — of whether it’s money and support in some levels — there’s a lot of people exploring a lot of different opportunities. So if someone, including my brother, indicat[es] they’re considering a run for the office, [that’s] kind of light years away from where someone actually puts their name on a ballot.
Donnis: If your brother were to run, and you were to run for governor, would you endorse him for attorney general?
P. Lynch: I just don’t see that happening.
Donnis: You don’t see your endorsement happening, or you don’t see him running?
P. Lynch: I just don’t see . . . I have every intention of my name being on the ballot for governor of the state of Rhode Island, next September if there’s a primary, and if there’s not, in November. I don’t see when that happens, my brother’s name being on the ballot as an attorney general candidate, because I don’t see the people responding well to it.

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15 years ago

Lynch is an egomaniac … and other things to that I won’t put in writing. I’d be interested to hear his ex-wife’s opinion of his prospective candidacy.
PS Does anyone know if AG Lynch is still registered to vote in East Providence, seeing that he hasn’t lived here in quite a few years?

15 years ago

Update: I had someone check the voter registration list. Patrick Lynch finally changed his voter registration address from his ex-wife’s house in Rumford, to his new friend’s house in Bristol on January 31, 2008.
We figured he’d eventually get around to doing it if he were planning a run for something. He hadn’t actually lived in that house in East Providence for quite a few years, but for whatever reason kept voting from here.

15 years ago

Lynch cannot raise the money to be considered a serious candidate. That’s why he has to say this stuff to try to convice people he is really a viable candidate. Its sad he doesn’t see it for himself but it will all come crashing down. He won’t make it to the starting line.

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