As the 80’s Rock Band Asia Almost Once Said: Your Inconsistency, It Really Comes as No Surprise…

Here is the core of Miss California Carrie Prejean’s now-famous statement of her position on gay marriage…

I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman.
And here is one of President Barack Obama’s statements of his position on gay marriage, this one from an interview by the Reverend Rick Warren…
I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman.
For holding this position on gay marriage, Pat Crowley of Rhode Island’s Future argues that Miss Prejean and President Obama (and former Warwick City Councilman Robert Cushman) should be considered “bigoted primadonas” (sic)…
Time was, considering people lesser beings, not entitled to the same legal protections as others, would rightly award you the moniker of bigot…NO MORE! Now, thanks to Mr. Cushman and the others that rose to the defense of Ms Prejean she wasn’t being bigoted at al…she was simply willing to speak her mind…and how American is that?…
So speaking you mind is courageous, but telling the person who speaks their mind they are a bigoted primadona who is using their platform to confirm their own superiority and reinforced the inferiority of others, well, that is unpatriotic.
Oh wait, Mr. Crowley doesn’t include President Obama on his list of bigots. Or does he? Maybe at some point he’ll clarify.

Commenter “Twisting the point” notes that Robert Cushman’s op-ed is a viewpoint-neutral argument about the importance of “having the courage to speak our minds and stand up for what we believe” (Cushman’s words), and takes no position one way or the other on gay marriage. So it’s only Ms. Prejean and President Obama — if this is about actual positions — who are characterized as bigoted primadonas (sic) for disagreeing with Mr. Crowley on gay marriage.
Mr. Cushman stands accused only of questioning people’s patriotism.

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twisting the point
twisting the point
12 years ago

If you re-read the editorial piece you should understand that Cushman doesn’t take a position on the gay marriage issue.
That’s not what the point of the editorial is about. It is about how politicians think and act and why they refuse to tackle difficult issues.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
12 years ago

Crowley and Jerzyk never miss a chance to self-importantly lecture others on racism/bigotry/hate,etc….
So let’s see-how many people “of color” are in executive positions at NEA RI?There are a whole lot of non-Caucasians in RI schools,both as teachers and students.
How many partners “of color” are there in the firm Jerzyk joined?
I don’t know the answer to these questions and therefore would be interested in hearing from said parties.I doubt any answer will be forthcoming if there are no such executives or partners.

12 years ago

Why do we waste our time on these topics?
We’re in a State that is broken and mismanaged. We rank at the bottom in most favorable attributes and at the top in negatives.
Let Crowley mouth off about these matters of MSM infatuation.
Let us keep focused on really matters to our lives in the Ocean State – fixing it!

12 years ago

That was a great op-ed piece about the lack of courage to do what’s right in the author’s city, state, and country.
The issue of gay marriage is neither here nor there. What councilman Cushman was doing was pointing out that we need courage to stand up for what we believe in. We can’t be afraid to speak out against lavish public sector benefits just because we know someone with their mouth in the trough.
By the way, I heard Brian Coogan, that moron councilman from East Providence, saying that city taxpayers should continue keeping city employees on the pay roll even if their services aren’t needed. The reason, he said, is because “they have mortgages and would lose their homes.”
Hey Coogan, what about the senior citizens who will lose their homes because of your ridiculous tax increases? Do they count?
This is the stupidity we’re up against in Rhode Island. Our leaders are corrupt because 60-70 percent of us are corrupt.

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