Trillo Talks

In the wake of business leaders explaining that they are “wary of heavily unionized states” like Rhode Island (like it or not, that’s the perception, folks) and the new report from RIPEC explaining that State-level mandates are damaging to Rhode Island’s cities and towns and economic development, Rep. Joe Trillo (R-Warwick) offers up his own 6-point plan:

To return to prosperity, some fundamental changes must be embraced and supported by taxpayers and politicians alike.
First, to lower both municipal and state operating expenses, public-employee unions must be held at bay and their interests must be placed second to the greater interests of the state, its cities and towns and the taxpayers.
Second, there must be some regionalization of services, including but not limited to police, fire, schools and highway departments, while still preserving the individual identities of each of the cities and towns.
Third, Rhode Island, which is currently at a competitive disadvantage with our neighboring states, must make its tax burden the lowest in New England, so as to appeal to business and to foster job growth.
Fourth, Rhode Island is in the midst of a financial crisis, and it must begin to operate accordingly. It must function like a business that is in Chapter 11. The General Assembly has the power to provide mayors and city and town managers with the authority to cut costs and make fundamental changes to the labor laws that have favored the unions, but will they have the political courage to do so? Will their constituents demand nothing less?
Fifth, the powers of the many school committees must be reduced. They should not be allowed to negotiate with unions nor should they have the authority to approve school budgets, which in many cases can be up to 80 percent of a city or town budget. Instead, those powers should be vested with mayors, administrators or city and town councils.
Sixth, with all of the above in place, the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation should focus its efforts on recruiting companies with well-paying jobs and marketing Rhode Island to them.

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Scott Bill Hirst
Scott Bill Hirst
13 years ago

First of all, you need to have the General Assembly to use their CONSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITY to promote education wisely.
Regionalization of education is fine.I live in the only three town school district in Rhode Island. How education is funded is the key, as well as the spending issue.
Most Town and City Councils already have the power to control bottom line of school budgets. Regional school districts do not have that power. When I was on the Hopkinton Town Council, I had no real control over the school budget! That is because in regional school districts the school committee directly goes to the voters for budgets and revotes on budgets. We cannot direct a school committee to cut the bottom line only ask them to with no authoritative force.
Scott Bill Hirst
Member, Hopkinton Town Council, 1996-2004

13 years ago

Laffey had a much more well thought out and aggressive plan in the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2005.
Why hasn’t Trillo put forth legislation to keep these solutions on the forefront.
As Mayor of Cranston, Laffey may not have been able to force the legislation out of committee, but at least he put forth a comprehensive plan based on the obstacles facing communities which would have reduced property taxes by close to 20% in most communities.
Based on his success as Mayor of Cranston, Laffey as Governor undoubtedly would be effective at promoting ideas and implementing changes that achieve results.
“Trillo Talks” — yeah, that’s about it.

13 years ago

Ummm, George…Laffey isn’t running. Heck, I think he even left the state.

13 years ago

My point is this. Trillo talks, and that is all he does. In all his years in the legislature, he has accomplished nothing of value to RI taxpayers. I’d even venture to say he does more harm than good. Sure, he is aperiodically “visible”, giving loud speaches and by going on the radio and the cable channel nobody watches. But what has he put into law. What wrong has he righted? What spending has he cut?
Laffey is traveling with his family. He’s still a Rhode Islander. If Joe Trillo and Gio Ciccione really cared about the state, they would hunt him down and beg him to run. Who else is there, really?

13 years ago

Laffey is traveling with his family
Is that the same as when a politician says that they want to spend more time with their family? I agree with you that Laffey should be hunted down but not in the way you meant.

12 years ago

Nice new artwork on the set.
Where did you get it?

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