BREAKING: K-Lo Not Leaving NRO

Perhaps because they don’t realize how little understood the world of opinion journalism is among the public, various posters in the Corner have left a large question mark in their posts about Kathryn Jean Lopez’s employment change at NRO: Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, and John Derbyshire.
Right after her speech at the Portsmouth Institute’s Bill Buckley conference, I asked Kathryn what she’ll be doing now that she’s leaving NRO, and with a look of great emphasis, she waved her arms and explained that she’s doing nothing of the kind. The “career change” is more of a lightening of responsibilities, perhaps to write a book, although she said that she doesn’t currently have any specific plans.
Stream, download (2 min, 3 sec)
(NB: I’ll have excerpts from her speech up in due course, as I blog about the conference, a task for which I’m way behind, by blog standards, but life is interfering… such as the circus that I’m squeezing in for my children between today’s sessions.)

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13 years ago

Good job, Justin!

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