Raymond McKay: Daughters and Pole Dancers

What a wonderful feeling to be covered by the national news when you are from a state as small as Rhode Island. One’s pride must swell at such an honor! But wait…
Thanks to over 40 years of Rhode Island Democrat Control, we can legally prostitute our daughters and have career pole dancers at age 16 in our home state, as was reported on Fox News, locally by the Providence Journal, posted on Facebook, and other outlets today and this evening.
As many of us heard this evening, even the big players in “Sin City,” Las Vegas, require their strippers to be of legal drinking age, which happens to be 21.
Rhode Island Democrats have financially bankrupted our state for years using the tobacco settlement to balance budgets and this past year used $266 million of stimulus money to balance their 13% increased State budget.
Now we see that while the Democrat-controlled General Assembly was busy running businesses out of the State, giving free rein and benefits to illegal immigrants, not making the hard choices to control and shrink our government in these hard economic times, they quietly allowed laws to be in place that morally bankrupted us and brought us this infamous night of
recognition in our nation.
With law makers enacting laws or creating laws with such unforgivable loopholes that allow minor children to be exploited, there is no longer any room for discussion: The one-party, Democrat General Assembly is bad for Rhode Island. The “General Assembly is bad but my Democrat Senator/Representative is good” lie can no longer be allowed.
There is no such thing as “too big” to not be run out of office. It is time for the taxpaying, hard-working American citizens of Rhode Island to rise up and to “tar and feather” those who will embarrass us and make a mockery of this once great state.
In 2010, we Rhode Islanders must take back our state, our integrity, and our honor and replace all those who are in the General Assembly.
Raymond McKay is President of the Rhode Island Republican Assembly.

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11 years ago

Mr. McKay
If you wish to employ the barbaric practice of tarring and feathering for those who embarras us you could start right off with yourself and get help from Mr. Ricci and Mr. Wigand. Throw in a couple of teabaggers and have a party(the party would resemble the state of the Republican party right now.)

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