Quick Clarity on Health Care Debate

Congress is back after a 40 day recess. A lot has happened–namely, bi-partisan “comprehensive health care reform” looks dead–but there will be much discussion over the next few weeks. The Washington Post (h/t) oofers a summary and preview, including this helpful bit from Republican Congressman Mike Pence:

House Republicans, who held hundreds of their own town hall meetings that drew more than 100,000 voters, according to preliminary estimates, viewed the break as a galvanizing moment for opposition to the Democratic legislation. “I heard people saying, ‘Look, we need health-care reform. We need to do something to lower the cost of health insurance for families and small businesses and lower the cost of health care,’ ” said Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.), the third-ranking GOP leader. “But I also heard people say that they don’t want a government-run plan that is going to lead to a government takeover of health care.”

It’s an important point. For all the sturm und drang we’ve seen at the town hall meetings, what was missing was an explanation that those on all sides (not “both”, there are more than two options out there) of the issue think something needs to be done.

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