RI Government, a Metastasizing Atrophy

Laments Terry Gorman, of Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement: “It gets more difficult to go in good faith to testify when it seems to be a foregone conclusion that citizens’ opinions do not matter.” After all, why waste the time making echoes in the great hollow space of a governmental “sham”?
This state of affairs will end, one way or another — either correction or collapse — and the balance of the hourglass suggests that the latter is inevitable. Worse, there’s nobody on the periphery of state government who could effect the necessary changes, and we’d need multiple somebodies in any case.
The conclusion with which we’re left — call it an exhortation — is for folks with common sense, integrity, and a potential for dedication to take up the reins in their cities and towns so that they’ll be in a position to begin rebuilding state government properly after it falls, rather than allowing the same old same olds to pile it back together on another foundation of reeds.

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11 years ago

Terry is correct. The “business” in the Assembly is a rigged deal and the powers there absolutely couldn’t care less about you or me or this state. In fact the entire membership doesn’t care. Bob Watson will whine on about the governor (from his own party) but sits silently as the House leadership who actually have all the power in this state and who run that building do absolutely nothing to address the current fiscal crisis this state is facing.
A fiscal crisis of their own making.
Has anyone heard from Joe Trillo lately? They collectively make you want to puke.
All of them!
I ask you, is there a more lazy, intellectually challenged, uninspired and blatantly unimpressive group of piggish self-absorbed do-nothings than the R.I. General Assembly?
How bad is it??
Bill Murphy makes me yearn for Johnny Harwood.
At least Harwood got things done.

11 years ago

You have to agree with what Dan Yorke said yesterday. He dared a brave legilator to sit in their seat and refuse to move, until the rest of the body got a move on, and went back to work. The state is going down for the third time, and they just twiddle their thumbs. Is there someone out there who has enough guts to get in there and at least try to get these cowards back into session? They created the hell we face now, they should snap to it, and get us out, or at least make an attempt.
When it comes to our legislators, re-elect NOBODY!

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