Remember What Wasn’t Seen…

…eight years ago, to the minute, when Islamist terrorists lost the initiative in the war they started.

From 9:57, the cockpit recorder picks up the sounds of fighting in an aircraft losing control at 30,000 feet – the crash of trolleys, dishes being hurled and smashed. The terrorists scream at each other to hold the door against what is obviously a siege from the cabin. A passenger cries: ‘Let’s get them!’ and there is more screaming, then an apparent breach. ‘Give it to me!’ shouts a passenger, apparently about to seize the controls.

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11 years ago

the courage and strength of character of those on flight 93 cannot be understated. In the face of death and terror, many found the strength to ensure that more would not perish. heroism in the face of death, a strong comment on the human character and decency that is shared by many of this nation. It is not enough to simply not forget, it is vital that we carry on the lessons learned from the greatest american tragedy and the character of those on flight 93. Long live the republic

11 years ago

Every year at this time, I say a prayer every hour on the hour in silent remembrance for those that lost their lives on 9/11/01.
The feeling of extreme loss overcomes me and I cannot shake it out. I cannot make it go away.
I feel insignificant compared to the crew and passengers of flight 93 that collectively put the existence aside to protect the lives of strangers they’ve never seen.
And I try to grip the reality of present day where some Americans have forgotten those unfortunate citizens whose futures were extinguished on 9/11/01.
God bless America.

11 years ago

You cannot say enough about the courage of the passengers and crew of Flight 93. They illustrated what it truly means to fight the power – they stood up to bullies armed to the teeth and deserve to be called American heroes. Male, female, professional, blue collar, straight, gay – together they decided not to let the bad guys win, even at the cost of their lives.
They should be an example to us all – they certainly are to me.

11 years ago

Ditto all of these comments.

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