A Gadget for the Times

Several years ago, in the course of antique/curio shopping, I picked up a coin counter. (Note that despite its slightly old fashioned look and manual operation, the attendant zero carbon emissions makes it environmentally au courant.)
Last night, I pulled it out, along with a couple of containers of coins, and began absent-mindly dividing, loading and rolling. (This is not to say that the economic policies of the current presidential administration have placed me in financial straits necessitating a dip into coin assets. That is presumably still to come as the Pay Czar gets around to identifying, one by one, the financial connection of every job in America to the federal government, thus establishing his right to set the salary cap thereof.)
Only several rolls later did I turn the base around and noticed the phrase along the bottom …


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Warrington Faust
Warrington Faust
12 years ago

Monique, don’ feel too distressed about hard times. I’ve been pulling my daughter’s teeth out to get money from the Toooth Fairy. On Sundays, I break into junk yards and look through the back seats of wrecked cars for change.

12 years ago

Soon you will have to get it changed to “All the change I have left!”

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