East Providence’s New Transparency of Government in Action: A Model for the General Assembly

As we recently learned, the broadcast of General Assembly committee hearings is not automatic but, remarkably, left up to the discretion of the committee chair. Further, if the committee chair makes the correct decision to flip on the camera, viewership is then limited to cable television customers, leaving out in the cold those of us who, several years ago, turned our cable boxes in with disdain and a certain smugness.
Contrast, now, to the City of East Providence which, last Thursday – cue horn florish – began live streaming and archiving city council meetings on the internet. No longer are East Providence citizens and fans concerned citizens from around the state desiring to observe the latest actions by the city council subject to the whim of an elected official or subjugated to an overpriced method of communication.
What say you, Mr. Speaker and Madam Senate President? In the meantime, perhaps some counseling is in order for those committee chairs who have a irrational fear of circuses and basic legislative functions.
[H/T ABC6 Providence.]

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