The Audacity of the Union

If you’ve paid even moderate attention to union squabbles in this state, you’ve got to drop your jaw at some of the pro-binding arbitration ads that the National Education Association is putting out. Look at the clippings at the top of the picture highlighting all of the lawyers fees and other bad effects of recent negotiation disputes; all of them originate with the unions. They file the lawsuits. Their intransigence leads to work-to-rule.
I’m also reminded of a comment that local Tiverton unionist and guidance counselor Lynn Nicholas made when the union was pushing for retroactive pay, last year. The audio is available at the end of this post, but the relevant portion is as follows:

Has anybody… tried to figure in what it’s going to cost for lawyers fees once we get back into arbitration? Have you begun to think about that?

Two observations: First, lawyers are still needed in arbitration and the steps leading up to it, and negotiations that ultimately land on an arbitrators desk for a binding decision will surely be hard-fought. Second, the cost of lawyers that the union intended to impose on school districts has been a repeated threat during negotiations; are we to believe that the unions are going to give up this weapon — indeed, promote its relinquishment as a salable benefit — for an arbitration regime that won’t unduly benefit them?
Let the word go out: No legislator who votes for binding arbitration should be considered worthy of being reelected, no matter what else he or she might do while in office, because not only would that have been a vote to benefit the unions at the expense of the residents, but it would also affirm deceit as a central tool in Rhode Island’s political system.

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Mike Cappelli
Mike Cappelli
14 years ago

Come on now Justin, you can’t, at this late date, be telling us that anything these unions do can surprise you.
I don’t know how much clearer and consistent that I can be when I say, as I have been saying for years now – these union whores are nothing but a bunch of greedy lying PIGS!
Now, I know that many people are sick of hearing me say it. But I know of no other way of expressing this that succinctly and accurately describes exactly what they represent. And, I’m not one to mince words.
And here again, you are bringing up one more example that validates everything I have been saying.
Of course, the union pigs will come up with contorted logic to explain everything, as they have done here.
But, when you step away, and view the situation, and then reflect back on what I have been saying, you may hate to admit it, but the pigs have once again proven me correct.
So why don’t we just stop the nonsense in trying to negotiate, compromise, understand, arbitrate, and mediate with these pigs.
Go ahead and say what whatever you want about me, (like I really give a crap) but you got to admit one thing – I am 100% accurate in describing what we are dealing with.

14 years ago

Yeah Mike you da man way to express yourself and prove your points.

14 years ago

It’s like the local mob enforcer telling the bakery owner, “Why you make me do this, Billy? You know I don’t wanna hurt you. But you been late in your protection payments. Why you make me hurt you?” as he bashes his face in.
“Why you make us work to rule, Rhode Island? Why you make us sue you? You know we unions don’t like hurting you like this.”

old gray fox
old gray fox
14 years ago

Boy I am in the same boat. Saying the same thing for 30 years. The union, state workers and unions don’t care about the budget or what is happening . They don’t want to take a hair cut like the rest of us. They are greedy. School theachers get better pensions then the average worker. I lost money in my 401 while they get the same pension every month. People are dumb and keep voting the bums in. This state is a small Chicago

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