Moderates Two-Block Themselves

I guess we now know why the Moderate Party’s coffers are about as full as the RI GOPs. Ken Block has managed to bait the sharks thanks to his own situational ethics. The Warwick Beacon editorializes:

Moderate Party founder Ken Block has tried to get around campaign finance laws by funneling money to his fledgling state party through the party’s Barrington Town Committee.
State campaign finance laws allow individuals to donate up to $10,000 to political parties. Block donated $10,000 to the Moderate Party. But he then donated another $10,000 to the party’s Barrington town committee, which then turned the money over to the state party.
It may be perfectly legal for Block to funnel donations into the state party through town committees, which would make the situation a legitimate loophole in the state’s campaign finance laws. Even if that’s true, it still suggests hypocrisy on the part of Block, who has made “ethics” one his party’s platforms.

No kidding. But, as Dan Yorke has explained, the Moderates may have violated Federal election law.
If you draw a line in the sand, you’d better be sure you dance far away from it, much less on it! Because they couldn’t do things the right–albeit difficult–way, the Moderate Party is in danger of turning from a breath of fresh air to more of the same, stale political wind that blows around here regularly.

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14 years ago

The fact that they asked Avedisian to run as governor sealed my decision. They are just liek the rest.
Aver platform in Warwcik is totally opposite their so called 4 E platform.

Mike Cappelli
Mike Cappelli
14 years ago

After listening to Block on the radio it becomes apparent that this little party of his is all about him – a veritable Block Party. He comes across as arrogant when a bit of humility would go a long way. I have no idea how tall he is, but he strikes me as having “short man” syndrome. Who wants to bet that the Moderate party candidate for governor ends up being……..Ken Block?!?!
Can’t help but wonder if all the money he put in merely goes to pay the fines bound to result from FEC violations. How ironic and sad, because it sounded like this could have been a good thing. It’s all down the tubes now. The only chance they have now is if Block removes himself from the party and gets an ethical individual to run it, if it isn’t too late already. What a waste!

14 years ago

Very interesting link on the federal limits. Although I would consider myself very well acquainted with the state rules, I’ve never had occasion to see if federal limits even applied, as no one has ever given any group I’m involved in $10,000!
If they want to stick their heads out, be my guest.

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